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Lower School

From kindergarten through fifth grade, our students engage in meaningful activities that promote learning and personal growth throughout the day. Lower School students will learn reading, penmanship, spelling, grammar and writing, math, science, and social studies lessons at grade-appropriate levels. At the heart of our curriculum is a strong emphasis on integrating biblical principles into every facet of education. Our teachers not only pray with students regularly but also teach Bible as a dedicated subject. By incorporating these foundational truths into other academic subjects, we ensure that learning is Christ-centered, purposeful, and fun for our students.

In addition to our core curriculum, our students also partake in weekly courses that enrich their educational experience. From physical education to drama, Spanish, music, computer studies, art, and library time, we provide a well-rounded education that nurtures the whole student. This also provide students with exciting opportunities to discover and cultivate their unique talents and interests. Alongside our rigorous academic offerings, our loving teachers play a pivotal role in helping students become more responsible and independent learners, nurturing a positive and supportive atmosphere that encourages personal growth.

In the spirit of mentorship and community, our Lower School students are blessed with the guidance of their peers through the Bible Buddies program. Upper School students serve as mentors, providing support and creating connections that extend beyond the classroom. This program not only reinforces our commitment to a Christ-centered education but also encourages a sense of community and responsibility among our students.