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Spanish Teacher

William Linares hails from Maracaibo, Zulia State, Venezuela. His journey to Virginia, the United States, and ultimately to Banner is a testament to his pursuit of better opportunities and political asylum due to the challenging situation in his home country under a communist dictatorship.

His educational background is rooted in communication. William graduated from the Universidad del Zulia in Venezuela with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Communication (Journalism). Subsequently, his career path transitioned towards education, where he discovered his true passion as a Spanish teacher.

William's enthusiasm for his field of study is deeply rooted in his belief in the excellence of human communication skills. He sees teaching Spanish as a means to reveal God's character to others, fostering cultural understanding and linguistic competence.

His connection with Banner Christian School is serendipitous. Not knowing how to pursue a career as a Spanish teacher in the U.S., a chance conversation led him to Banner. William believes it was providence that guided him here.

In the classroom, William brings a unique perspective as the sole Hispanic teacher at Banner. He instills not only the Spanish language but also the rich tapestry of Hispanic culture into his lessons, creating a memorable and enriching experience for his students.

Outside the classroom, William spends his free time cultivating his relationships with his Venezuelan friends. He is an enthusiast of the arts, often attending the theater and visiting museums in Richmond and the Washington, D.C., area. His passion for history is evident in his exploration of landmarks and historic sites, particularly those connected to significant events in American history.

William's journey, his dedication to teaching Spanish, and his cultural insights make him an invaluable part of the Banner Christian School community. His approach to education aligns seamlessly with the school's faith-based mission, nurturing not only language skills but also understanding and appreciation for the diversity of God's creation.

Education & Credentials

B.A. University of Zulia

Fun Facts

Favorite Most Embarrassing Song
“Chiquitita,” by ABBA
Celebrity I'd Mostly Likely Be Great Pals With
Louis Armstrong or Frank Sinatra
Favorite Destination
Virginia State Parks
Favorite Local Restaurant
Café y Sabor Bakery & Restaurant
Most Desired Superpower
Make communism disappear from the earth