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Welcome to the Cheerleading program at Banner Christian School, where our squad radiates enthusiasm, teamwork, and a spirit of encouragement, all grounded in our Christian values. Our cheerleading team is a vital part of our school's athletic and community spirit, dedicated to uplifting athletes, students, and the broader school community.

Our coaches are committed to developing each cheerleader's skills in choreography, stunts, and routines, emphasizing safety, precision, and teamwork. They also focus on building character, fostering a positive attitude, and instilling values such as leadership, dedication, and respect, in alignment with our Christian principles.

Our cheerleaders play a crucial role in school events, leading cheers at games, participating in competitions, and representing the spirit of Banner Christian School. They bring energy and enthusiasm to every performance, encouraging athletes and engaging the crowd, creating an atmosphere of excitement and unity.

We invite the Banner Christian School family to support our cheerleaders as they inspire and energize our community. Join us in applauding their dedication and spirit as they cheer on the Bearcats, embodying the joy, community, and faith that are central to our school's ethos.

Cheerleading is open to girls and takes place in the Winter.