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Financial Aid

Banner Christian School established a Tuition Assistance Fund to assist qualifying families who have sacrificed to make Christian education a priority in their family. The fund is financed through contributions from interested individuals, school fund-raisers, the school’s general operating fund, and funding through the Virginia Education Improvement Scholarship.

The Tuition Assistance Fund is applicable only to tuition costs and is not extended to other charges such as registration fees. A new application must be submitted each year for tuition assistance. This application is considered confidential and will be reviewed only by those serving on the Tuition Assistance Committee. In order for us to consider your application for tuition assistance, all of the requirements must be met by the deadline dates to give FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment and the Tuition Assistance Committee adequate time to process the applications and allocate any available funds.

Banner is excited to see the growing popularity of this fund since its 2002 inception. Unfortunately, the demand is greater than the supply as we are limited with the amount of dollars available in the fund. Therefore, we have decided to institute several deadline dates in which we will review completed application and award tuition assistance.  Please note, in order to be considered for tuition assistance, your FACTS application must be completed in its entirety.  Included in the application process is the submission of your most recent tax return. 

Application Submission Deadlines

Application Completed

Assistance Awarded

April 15th

May 1st

May 15th

June 1st

June 15th

July 1st

July 15th

August 1st

Each of the listed award dates is contingent on funds still being available. Once the funds have been exhausted, the assistance awards will be concluded. Therefore, if you desire to apply for tuition assistance, please submit your completed application as soon as possible.