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At Banner Christian School, education is a joyful journey guided by faith. Starting with PreK4, our curriculum is designed to create a nurturing environment that blends the excitement of learning with the principles of our Christian faith. Educational foundations in reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, and science are blended with hands-on experiences through art, motor skills, and music to prepare for Lower School.

Students will embark on an adventure of language acquisition and development, discovering the alphabet from A to Z through engaging phonemic awareness activities. Optional beginning reading is also available for eager learners, fostering a love for literacy from the very start. We immerse our students in a mix of traditional literature, poetry, and nursery rhymes to develop vocabulary and auditory memory skills. Hand in hand with academic growth, our curriculum addresses the physical aspect of learning through handwriting. With a focus on correct posture, pencil hold, and paper placement, students develop pre-writing skills while mastering both the uppercase and lowercase PreCursive alphabets. This holistic approach extends to mathematics, where number recognition, counting, shape recognition, and other foundational concepts are explored through hands-on activities, creating a solid mathematical foundation.

We believe in fostering well-rounded individuals, and our curriculum extends beyond the classroom, incorporating biblical lessons as a core subject and leading each student in their faith and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. This blend of Christian-focused academic rigor and joyful exploration creates a firm foundation for your child’s early educational journey.