Kindergarten Teacher

A proud native of Chesterfield, Virginia, Callie's journey to Banner was paved by her interactions with various Banner families, many of whom she had previously taught or worked with in other educational settings.

Her academic path led her to Longwood University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Elementary Education (PreK-6). Later, she continued her education by earning a Master of Science in Teaching and Learning from Nova Southeastern University.

What ignites Callie's passion for her field of work is the magic of kindergarten. It's a place where laughter, play, learning, growth, and breakthroughs are a daily occurrence. The opportunity to be part of these formative years in children's lives fuels her dedication.

Callie's choice of a career with Banner Christian School is deeply rooted in her commitment to Christian education. She firmly believes that "Kindergarten is where the smallest hearts hold the biggest dreams," and she considers these young hearts dear to God. Her mission is to shape their awe and love for Him, nurturing Kingdom dreams.

While Callie humbly finds it difficult to pinpoint what makes her unique, she embodies the principle of doing everything for the glory of God, as paraphrased from 1 Corinthians 10:31. This devotion to faith seamlessly aligns with Banner's faith-based mission, ensuring that her work reflects God's love and grace.

In her spare time, you'll find Callie immersed in quality family time, exploring new culinary delights, connecting with her church family, and embarking on road trips and family events in central Virginia.

Callie Van Horn's role as a Kindergarten teacher goes beyond academics; it's about nurturing young hearts and dreams, and leaving an everlasting impact. Her unwavering dedication to Christian values and her infectious passion make her a memorable presence in the lives of her students for years to come.

Education & Credentials

M.Ed. Nova Southeastern University
B.S. Longwood University

Fun Facts

Most Cherished Pet
Cooper the foxhound and Tiger the cat
Celebrity I'd Mostly Likely Be Great Pals With
Chris Pratt and/or Amy Poehler
Favorite Way to Stay Active
Gym & walks with hubby
Favorite Destination
Florida beaches
Favorite Local Restaurant
Rivercity Diner
Most Desired Superpower