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Hailing from Mexico, Raquel Campos brings her rich background and enthusiasm for teaching to the students at Banner Christian School. Her journey to Virginia and Banner has been guided by a strong sense of purpose.

Raquel's academic foundation was laid at the esteemed Rio Grande Bible College in Texas, where she pursued a Bachelor of Christian Education. Her choice to specialize in education is fueled by a deep passion for contributing to the growth and development of young minds.

What drew Raquel to Banner was the recognition of a unique opportunity to serve as a Spanish teacher. The school's Christian environment and welcoming community aligned perfectly with her values and ambitions.

In the classroom, Raquel stands out with her commitment to a dynamic and engaging teaching approach. She consistently seeks new resources, techniques, and games to enhance the learning experience and ensure students retain the material. Her curriculum encompasses not only language but also songs and Bible verses, fostering a faith-based foundation. Raquel's joyful and enthusiastic demeanor is a memorable quality that leaves a lasting impact on her students.

Outside of her teaching role, Raquel and her husband are deeply involved in a Christian community that values genuine connections, and Raquel enjoys spending time with friends, taking walks, and visiting the park during her spare moments.

Education & Credentials

B.A. Rio Grande Bible Institute

Fun Facts

Favorite Most Embarrassing Song
My husband's original hits
Celebrity I'd Mostly Likely Be Great Pals With
Elizabeth George (writer)
Favorite Way to Stay Active
Outdoor adventures
Favorite Local Restaurant
Luigi's Italian Restaurant
Most Desired Superpower
Protect all children from harm