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Middle School Science

Rachel was born and raised in Hopewell, Virginia, just a stone's throw from Richmond. Her journey to Culpeper was a mix of marriage and divine intervention. She'd always been a Virginia native, and moving north to the D.C. area seemed like a logical step post-marriage.

Rachel's career has been a compelling journey. She spent thirteen years in public schools before being struck by a powerful conviction. She couldn't reconcile her beliefs with the environment she was teaching in, a place that sometimes clashed with her moral and biblical values. After turning away from teaching for a time, she found herself drawn to Banner Culpeper, though she initially resisted the call. Divine intervention, including a flat tire near the school, finally led her to apply. It wasn't long before she went from subbing to becoming a teacher, a journey she couldn't be happier about.

Rachel's academic background is impressive. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Christian Elementary Education with a minor in Missions in 2005. She then pursued a deeper understanding of special education by obtaining a Master's degree from Regent University in 2007. She went on to complete an Educational Specialist degree at Liberty University in 2010. Currently on a hiatus due to an injury, Rachel has her sights set on a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership.

What's inspiring about Rachel's journey is the role a teacher played in her life during a challenging period. He was persistent in his belief that Rachel would become a math teacher, even though she once claimed to "hate math." He not only taught her to love math but also inspired her to want to be the kind of teacher who motivates students to achieve greatness.

Rachel strongly feels the presence of God when she steps into the school. Teaching in an environment where she can openly share her faith is vital to her. Banner's faith-based mission aligns with Rachel's values, allowing her to teach without compromising her Biblical Worldview. She believes in teaching students the "why" behind what they learn, connecting the content to the Bible and their future lives. She aims to ignite a thirst for knowledge and incorporates a hands-on approach to learning, making science memorable and exciting.

In her spare time, Rachel loves to travel, with Breezy Point Beach in Maryland being a favorite destination for her family. They enjoy combing the beach for fossilized shark teeth, a fun and educational pastime that ties back to her passion for teaching science.

Rachel Parson brings her dedication and passion to the classroom at Banner Christian School, where she inspires students to embrace the wonders of science while upholding their faith.

Education & Credentials

Ed.S Liberty University
M.Ed Regent University
B.A. Atlantic Baptist Bible College

Fun Facts

Most Cherished Pet
Sheltie dogs Dax and Chewie and cats Yoda and Simba
Favorite Way to Stay Active
Water walking and aerobics
Favorite Destination
Florida during the winter
Most Desired Superpower
Mind reading