PE, Computer, & Aftercare Director

Tucker's dynamic role encompasses teaching Physical Education and Computer classes, overseeing the 3rd-5th-grade library, and currently serving as the Aftercare Director.

Tucker is a true enthusiast when it comes to sports and fitness. His passion for physical well-being is evident in the classroom as he encourages students to lead active and healthy lives. His love for the great outdoors extends beyond the school as he enjoys spending time hiking and relishing the natural beauty that surrounds him.

When Tucker and his family aren't at school, they often escape to the beach, which they consider their second home. This love for the beach serves as a perfect complement to their active lifestyle and provides a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Tucker's wife, Bethany, also contributes her teaching prowess to Banner Christian, specializing in 1st-grade education. The Arnold family's commitment to the school and its mission is a testament to their dedication to nurturing young minds and hearts.

While he strives to maintain a balanced and active lifestyle, he admits that the occasional call of a Dr. Pepper can be quite tempting. Tucker Arnold brings a wealth of knowledge and a vibrant spirit to the Banner Christian community, where students are not only encouraged to excel academically but also to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.

Fun Facts

Most Cherished Pet
Harmony the household item shredding dog
Celebrity I'd Mostly Likely Be Great Pals With
Ryan Reynolds
Favorite Way to Stay Active
Going to the gym