Mission and Core Values

Mission Statement

Banner Christian School is a Pre K4-12 program that is consistent with the Word of God. Considering paramount every child’s academic, emotional, physical, social and spiritual needs, Banner Christian School is dedicated to developing and educating the whole person to the glory of God.

Core Values

Banner Christian School is a discipleship school.  Our desire is to serve Christian families by providing them an opportunity to train their children to think biblically and gain a solid foundation in Truth.

I.  Banner strives to lead each student into a personal, actively growing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

II.   A biblical philosophy of education is foundational to all policies and procedures.

III.  Christian administrators and faculty model Christian teaching and leading.

IV.  Banner students will be taught to process information through a biblical world-view.

V.    Banner offers Christian families the opportunity to nurture and discipline their children for lives of service to God and society.

Banner is an academic institution designed to educate children with excellence.  Every teacher at Banner is a professing Christian who holds at least a bachelor’s degree and necessary credentials as approved by ACSI.

I.  The Scripture is revered as the Word of God and is taught as Truth.

II.  Instructors are committed to the integration of faith and high academic standards in all disciplines.

III. The teaching of the Bible as a core subject is essential to the complete academic curriculum.

At Banner, we believe it is important to be good stewards of the resources with which God has blessed us.  It is necessary to have a strong development plan that is shared with the community to map our vision for the school.

I.  The use of time, talent, and resources are to be directed by principles mandated in the Word of God.

II.  Banner believes that practicing good citizenship is part of modeling Christ-likeness.

III. Banner consistently evaluates and assesses for improvement.

IV.  Three and five year plans are revised periodically to ensure the vitality of Banner for years to come.

Interaction with God’s people helps promote unity and purpose within a Christian school.

I. Banner is a parent-friendly school, encouraging parents and others to become involved.

II. Parents are invited to volunteer at the school in many capacities and are encouraged to join in our daily praise and worship time.

III. The school community (the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty, students, and parents) seek to treat one another, and the larger community with love, justice, humility, and service.

IV. The teaching/learning process reflects a Christ-like sensitivity, relevant to a diverse school community.

V. Banner business development, marketing, personnel, and governmental relations will remain thoroughly Christian.