Building a new campus

For almost 20 years of its existence, Banner Christian School has been housed in Bethany Place Baptist Church.  In 2007, Banner was given 30 acres near the intersection of Richland Road and Courthouse Road. In 2012, Banner purchased the adjoining 92.25 acres.  Finally, in 2020, construction began on the 122 acres site. 

Phase 1 will include building the driveway, bringing water to the site, building a water treatment facility with a septic system, a dry drainage basin, a parking lot, a soccer field, and three modular buildings.  The three modular buildings are 11,520 square feet, 7936 square feet, and 7,040 square feet.  They will house our lower, middle, and upper school, as well as a cafeteria, offices, etc.

The yellow rectangle represents the soccer field, and the three red rectangles represent the three modular buildings.  The parking lot is below the modulars and the dry basin is below the parking lot.

This image was taken 8/19/2021.  The grading is beginning to take shape.  The modulars will be in the lighter white/brown soil.  The soccer field will be in the bottom right corner (where the standing water is in the picture). The parking lot is the clay area at the top of the picture, and the dry basin is in the top right corner. 

This is a picture of the driveway coming in off Courthouse Road near the intersection of Route 288 in Chesterfield County.