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We all know how much technology has become a part of today’s society. Kids of all ages are using technology to play games, keep up with friends online, and to research and learn. We believe teaching students to use these technologies in thoughtful and respectful ways is highly important. We also want our students to understand how these devices work and what actually goes on inside these amazing devices. Additionally, we educate students about how to use the most common applications (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations) in effective ways. Finally, we believe that understanding computer coding and programming languages is more important than ever. That is why we introduce coding principles and challenges to even our youngest students. With the pace of technology ramping up so rapidly, teaching students only about current and emerging technologies simply falls short. We must help prepare their hearts and minds to handle technologies of tomorrow.

To best accomplish this, we supply every Banner Christian student with an email address. This address can be used to login to any of our Banner computers or Chromebooks. Student accounts are great for communication within Banner Christian but can be a distraction when given access to external communication. So, we restrict emails to only work within the domain (meaning students cannot send or receive emails to/from non-Banner accounts).

Ultimately, we want our students to understand technology and use it in a manner that is uplifting to our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Him,
Brandon Murrell

Brandon Murrell

Brandon Murrell

Technology Director