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Banner Christian’s approach to athletics stems directly from the school’s mission to “educate and develop the whole person for the glory of God.” It strives to instill Christ-like character qualities that are expressed openly through the medium of athletic competition.

Athletics provide the opportunity to extend classroom lessons to a broader playing field where life lessons can be learned in areas such as teamwork, commitment, self-discipline, personal sacrifice, leadership, respect and responsibility. These lessons enrich the lives of our students and prepare them for life in the “real world” following graduation.

The athletic department’s commitment to excellence is not only reflected in the many team and individual accomplishments over the years, but also through adherence to the school’s high standards of academic excellence, personal conduct and good sportsmanship on the part of coaches, players and fans.

Furthermore, Banner’s commitment to athletic excellence is demonstrated in challenging student-athletes to put their God given gifts and talents to the test by playing a highly competitive schedule against private and public schools throughout Virginia.

The importance of athletics to the fabric of the student body is displayed in that 80% of high school students play at least one sport at Banner.

One of the other great benefits about athletics at Banner Christian, is that it’s the building block of promoting school pride by seeing students and parents come together to cheer loudly and express positive school spirit for our teams. Events such as Homecoming, pep rallies, senior night, etc. create a bond between students and the school that can span the course of a lifetime.

Banner Christian is a member of the Virginia Colonial Conference (VCC). Other member schools are: Amelia Academy, Blessed Sacrament-Huguenot Catholic School, Brunswick Academy, Fuqua School, Kenston Forest School, Southampton Academy and Tidewater Academy. Banner Christian is also a member of the Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association (VISAA) which is the state governing body for private school athletics.

Zach Coyle

Zach Coyle

Director of Athletics


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Varsity – $125
Junior varsity – $100
Middle school – $75