Arts Program

We specialize in the art of empowering students. Through engaging classes and collaborative work, the Performing Arts Program introduces students to the art of acting, speech communication, technical theatre, and music. We blend the lower, middle and upper schools together to bring out the best in all areas of our student body. Of course, the highlights of our year come during the fall and spring productions. Bearcat performers take pride in producing programs that strive for excellence. Throughout the year, the students develop their creative imaginations, vocal and instrumental talents, and communication skills. They are challenged to realize their highest potential and participate fully in their witness for Christ.

Banner Christian school offers a visual arts program for kindergarten through 12th grade. Art is offered as a weekly resource for lower school students, and it is an elective class for middle and high school. Our students are offered a variety of experiences including drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and printmaking. The students have the opportunity to utilize different media such as clay, papier-mâché, watercolors and oil paint as they learn different techniques and elements of art. Our program is built around the idea that God is the Creator, and being made in His image, we are creative.

Drama is designed to introduce students to:

the art of acting: characterization, improvisation, auditioning, theatre history, theatre appreciation, dramatic literature, and performance

speech communication: storytelling, public speaking

technical theatre: stage makeup, costume, and set design

leadership: teamwork, community service, servant leadership, and mentoring

Students are encouraged to develop excellence in communication, performance, and service as a means of revealing God’s character to others.

Banner Christian School’s award-winning music program introduces the art as a resource class in kindergarten. It is offered throughout the lower school years, and students are given multiple opportunities to display their talents through performances during the school year.

Middle school students who wish to continue their pursuit of music may do so via the elective options such as choir, middle school praise team, or piano. Upper school students may try-out for the Praise Team which leads our daily worship time as well as travels to various competitions. Banner also offers a music production course for students who are interested in that aspect of the art.